Where Do All of Our Waste Go?

Where is the largest landfill in the world?

The ‘World’s Largest Dump,’ located in Indonesia, is a ticking time bomb. From afar, the peak is seen, greeted by a swarm of flies and a foul odor. Trucks queue from morning to afternoon, transporting all of Jakarta, Indonesia’s largest citywaste ,’s to the dumpsite. Bantargerbang is literally a garbage mountain.

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What will happen when landfills are full?

Every year, the United States creates more than 258 million tons of municipal solid trash, which includes all of the packaging, clothing, bottles, food scraps, newspapers, batteries, and other items that are tossed into garbage cans and carried onto sidewalks for weekly pickup. According to the analysis, the United States is on track to run out of landfill space in 18 years, potentially resulting in an environmental disaster. The Northeast is running out of landfills the fastest, while Western states have the most remaining space, according to the report.

According to SWEEP, the US could also build more landfills to accommodate the increase in trash, but it typically takes several years to find an appropriate landfill location, obtain a permit for it, and then build structures that meet environmental standards.

Furthermore, communities are often opposed to the construction of new landfills since it may result in pollution of the air, water, and soil. More landfills = more climate change. As food waste and other types of rubbish decompose, methane and other greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change.

Common uses for landfills after they are filled

Landfill space is quickly running out. Americans produce approximately 4. 4 pounds of waste per day, and while some of it is recyclable, the majority of it ends up in the landfill.

Many local landfills are now closing due to a lack of space. There were 6,326 active landfills in the United States in 1990. In 2018, that figure has dropped to 1, 269. If you’re wondering what happened to all the ones that closed, you might be surprised by the answer.

After a landfill has been capped, there are numerous possible uses depending on the sort of waste collected. Perhaps there is an old dump in your community that has been camouflaged as something else.

Do landfills ever go away?

No. Unless a miraculous innovation occur, landfills will exist as long as there is trash. According to BBC, the globe generates two billion metric tons of solid trash per year. Americans, for our part, lead the globe in per-capita waste, creating 12% of the world’s garbage although accounting for only 4% of the population.

Do your part

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